Rinku Singh – The Miracle Man of KKR in IPL

Rinku Singh - The Miracle for KKR in IPL


Rinku Singh – ‘6-6-6-6-6’, Remember Thy Name! Even the Devil can come up with just a Triple 6. Rinku Singh went a step ahead and came up with five of them. Unstoppable, unattainable and completely unfathomable, the young lad from Aligarh accomplished the unachievable. We all love a rags-to-riches story. A young man, devoid of […]

Spin Trap on Turning Pitches – Boon or Bane?

Indian Spin Trap - Jadeja Ashwin


Since time immemorial, sub-continent Cricket has been known for producing some of the best spinners. Asians have largely depended on turning pitches to win games, both at home and overseas. Coming to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh and winning a match against our lethal Spin attack is a near-impossible task. The SENA Countries go […]

Hardik Pandya Captaincy Spells Doom for Team India

Hardik Pandya Spells Doom for India


When one thinks of Hardik Pandya, they cannot erase the image of him sitting on a couch opposite Karan Johar and saying the most despicable words coming out of a man’s mouth for a woman. As the world sat shocked, his couch-partner KL Rahul egged him on sniggering, and the brainless Karan Johar feigned shock. […]

Pakistan Cricket Home Season Comes to a Dismal End

Pakistan Cricket Team with Babar Azam


Babar Azam must be thanking his stars that Pakistan Cricket Home Season has finally come to an end. It all started with a loss to Australia in the Test Series. This was then followed by a spanking by the English in the ODI Series and the Three Match Test Series which ended in a 3 […]