One glance at the Indian Cricket Captain – Rohit Sharma and the less wise would believe they are seeing an exceptional talent who is almost ready to call it a day and walk into the sunset. Those who are more fortunate know a tad bit better. They know that the slightly unfit, mostly confused and the mildly forgetful genius has magic in his hands. Rohit Sharmas batting finesse is all about Style, Assurance and Lazy Elegance.

Rohit Sharma walks with an assured stride, a slight smile and an aura of confidence. Not many things rattle him. Those who know him closely know that he can be quite the prankster. He has seen it all and nothing surprises him on the cricket field anymore. Though he is seen to lose his cool at times in crunch matches, but perfection also seeks flaws – to appear normal. And normal he appeared when the entire Aussie world was crashing down.

Top Cricket Expert – Wasay Habib Delves Deep into Rohit’s Batting Prowess

Wasay Habib is a Top Analyst and a Cricket Expert who has been following and observing cricket for decades. His insight into the game – players techniques, match analysis and game reading has earned him the respect from millions across the globe. Wasay is popular amongst men and women who are cricket enthusiasts and passionate about the game of cricket. He expertly analyses Rohit Sharmas sense of the game, his technique with the spinning ball and the reason why he was a standout in the Nagpur Test.

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Rohit Sharmas Batting Brilliance Against Aussie Spinners

The banter before the Border – Gavaskar Test Series, the chatter before the First Match, the Australian media pitch-talk and their batting collapse in the first innings would have made any opposition captain break into a sweat. However, Rohit Sharma walked into bat in the last session of play on Day 1 of the Test Match and smashed the opposing captain for five boundaries even before half the Aussie side had the chance to recover from their batting destruction. Through falling wickets and spinning balls, the wile and the guile, Rohit Sharma’s batting through the three sessions he played, look divine, supreme and perfect in every sense of the word.

The Nagpur Test match brought forward the lazy elegance of Rohit Sharma’s defensive batting technique to propel him ahead. The off spinners’ natural variation troubled Rohit at times, but it was not that dangerous from around the wicket. From that angle, it was almost impossible that the Aussie Spinners would be able to beat the outside edge of the bat or clip the wickets. As long as Rohit played with soft hand, the unlikely edge would not have carried to butter-fingers Smith standing at the slips. Rohit’s Sharma was continuously countering the spin by moving his feet and stepping outside. Thus, the spin was cancelled much before it could cause him any trouble.

India Vs Australia Border Gavaskar Trophy – Cricket Maiden

The innings was a hard fought one, but the Indians had a Genuis out at the middle. And the genius ensured that the country one 1.4 billion and his fans across the globe were singing his laurels when he finally returned to the pavilion.

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