The Women’s Premier League Rules are much like the IPL, apart from one main difference. Starting on Saturday (March 4, 2023) WPL has no provision for an Impact Player. Impact Player is an idea that the BCCI is introducing in the IPL, which starts on 31st March 2023. There are quite a few other provisions that are similar to the IPL – like two Super Overs, two strategic timeouts in each session of play and two referrals for each team in each innings. It remains to be seen if the WPL can create as much of an impact as the IPL.

Two Super Overs in the Game

In the Playing Conditions, the BCCI has declared that in case of a tie at the end of the regular 40 overs, there will be a Super Over. If the deadlock persists, there will be another Super Over, and not the rule of count-back of boundaries. It was through this that England had won the 2019 World Cup at Lord’s against New Zealand.

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Four Strategic Time Out in the Game

There will be four strategic timeouts in a game, each of 150-second duration. The bowling teams have to choose between six and nine overs. The batting side can strategize between and 13th and 16th overs. As far as the DRS is concerned, each team can have two unsuccessful appeals against an umpire’s verdict and a batter has to come onto the field within 90 seconds of a dismissal. Any delay could result in a warning followed by a penalty in the form of a fine. There are also Concussion Replacement rules and a substitute can come from the 15 players nominated before the start of a game.

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